When Should You

Replace or Repair?

One of the best ways to avoid replacement is to repair early, whenever possible. If we let issues build with our gutters, we risk having to completely replace a system or risk having the repair be less effective than a complete replacement. Being vigilant about checking up on your system is the best way to avoid expensive damages or repairs; however, sometimes life happens, and the only question left is, repair or replace? Here are some signs that can help you make an important decision:


  • Water Leaking into Your Home: gutters are supposed to help drain rainwater away from the foundation of your home so issues, like water in your basement, don’t become issues. This is a sign that the system could use some replacements! Sitting water brings mold, mildew, and pests that could cause even more expensive damages and repairs.
  • Constantly Clogged Gutters: there isn’t always a “one size fits all” explanation when it comes to clogged gutters; however, if the issue is constant, sagging gutters, cracks, holes, and more could become issues and replacement is the only option you’re left with.
  • Standing Water: Puddles building up around your home is a foundational hazard. This type of water could cause serious problems for your infrastructure! Sitting water is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If this becomes an issue you should consider having the system completely replaced.
  • Sagging Gutters: this is not something you will be able to fix with a repair. Not a good or long-lasting repair at least! So have the system completely replaced and don’t look back. The aesthetic appeal and safety will help you sleep at night.
  • Broken or Bent: the system isn’t like concrete; you can’t just fill a hole or patch a crack. The system needs complete replacement when issues of broken material arise.
  • Rusting and Chipping Paint: sometimes, old gutters start chipping at the paint around the house because of the rough rust that starts to build and spread on them. This is not just a cosmetic issue, eventually, the system could fall off, backup water, or create expensive issues for your home.


Sometimes, issues arise that can be taken care of by a professional quickly and easily! If your system is relatively new, always look for the repair option first.

  • Installation Issues: regardless of who installed the system, a poorly installed system can easily be repaired by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Have someone come to inspect the property to ensure the issue is a long-term repair.
  • Adjustments: sometimes sitting water isn’t a cause for alarm! A downspout can easily be moved, repaired, or replaced to change the direction in which the water draining flows.
  • Leaves can be an issue: sometimes you can have a system like K-Guard installed for your gutters that helps with perpetual clogging without needing an expensive replacement of your system.

The truth is until a professional comes to check out your gutter system, any issue can seem benign or extremely serious. Whatever your problem is, call a team of experts to make the final decision.