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Leaf Gutter Guards

Don’t let leaves fall into your gutters anymore!

Our company has been serving the Grand Rapids area for almost two decades! We have skilled technicians on our team who also live locally. Having a team that knows the weather and the type of exposure your gutters will experience is important for the longevity and successful installation of any leaf guard for your gutter system. Our company’s focus is customer service, our professionals are bonded, licensed, and insured. We train everyone on our staff to be dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction from the first phone call to the first in-person visit.

Knowing how to properly navigate a gutter system and install a leaf guard takes experience and expertise and that is exactly what you’ll find at Gutter Grand Rapids! We are steadfast at affordable rates and long-lasting results.

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Leaf Guard Benefits

Why Should You Have A Leaf Guard?

Don’t leave your gutter system undefended.

Having a professional system installed is worth more than you may notice! Here’s the deal:

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Reduce Maintenance

Having leaves and debris accumulate inside of your gutters becomes an issue quickly! Blockages lead to backed-up water and nesting grounds for pests, both of which can be difficult to clean. Too much water backing up into your gutter system turns into an expensive problem when cracks and holes begin to appear. Having a professional install a gutter guard, like a leaf guard, is much more affordable than having to replace an entire system!

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Soggy leaves, accumulated dirt, and sitting water eventually lead to corrosive and irreparable damages that can quickly become the birthing place for mosquitoes, mold, and mildew. The one thing those things have in common is that they spread and are very difficult to contain. These issues can spread to different areas of your home, like inside, and they will eventually cause serious structural issues for your roof. Protect your roof, gutter system, and the interior of your home with a leaf guard.
Prevent Water Damage

When water collects within your gutters the possibility of freezing is not too far off! Freezing water gutter dams and the problem will be exacerbated by the continuous freeze and thaw process. Less ice collecting around your gutters elongates your gutter’s life and reduces any damages that would arise due to freezing water. Even during the summer months here in Grand Rapids, leaf guards prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris that begin to build up.

Types of Leaf Guards

Leaf Guard Materials

There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach for everyone!

Our team is dedicated to providing the best installations for all of our clients at realistic and affordable prices. What material is best for you?

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Mesh Leaf Guard
These guards are popular because they come in different materials, can be applied in different ways, and protects your gutters. Every inch of these guards has a hole big enough to allow water to continuously flow through but some enough to keep leaves, twigs, and other large debris out of the gutter system. The guard can be made of plastic or metal and can be installed by slipping the edge under the first row of shingles, it can snap onto the top of the gutter, or by a flange to the fascia! The possibilities are endless.
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Reverse Curve Leaf Guard
Reverse guards are fun and offer a unique type of protection for our clients! They are made from either metal or plastic and they do not let water flow through them. Water flows over them, down and around the guard, which then leads the water into the gutter beneath. This eventually leads to leaves and debris coming right off of the side of your house onto the ground!
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Screen Leaf Guard
These guards are best for larger debris that continuously block your gutters! This protection can come in metal or plastic and is incredibly easy to install, so we will be in and out quickly. Leaf guards, like the screen leaf guard, are the best and easiest ways to filter out debris that would otherwise harm your gutter system.

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Why call the professionals?

Professional Leaf Guard Installation

Protect yourself and your gutter system.

Our team has been dedicated to the Grand Rapids community for 17-years and we have no plans on stopping. We are open 7-days a week from 7 am-7 pm, our professionals are trained in cleaning, installing, and protecting your gutter system! Don’t risk your health or your life by getting on a ladder to check out your roof. Lifelong injuries and fatal accidents happen to homeowners who do not call the professionals. We are trained and well equipped to clean and install gutter guards and systems. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured; you have nothing to worry about while we’re on the job.

Call our customer service team today to learn more about all of our services. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and we promise to fulfill that promise with every client.