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If you’re planning a gutter installation project for your home, the choices you make can be tough. Choosing a new gutter requires time, research, and money. You’ll need to find a reliable and experienced gutter specialist to install them as well. That’s where our company comes in! Our company is dedicated to giving you an efficient, durable gutter system for your home. We’ve been installing the highest quality home gutters for a long time. We’ve gained the necessary skills and experience needed to build custom designed gutter systems for every client we serve! As the industry’s leader in gutter construction and installation, our team of expertly trained contractors will install the perfect gutter system for your house. A system that efficiently controls water drainage so that your home is thoroughly protected against water-related damage.

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The Benefits of

Installing Gutters

Protect your home from water damage!

Having an effective gutter system in place is an extremely useful addition to a house. These systems protect your roof, foundation, and guard against stains. Below, we will discuss some of the numerous benefits of having a gutter system installed around your home.

Protect Your Roof

The absence of a rain gutter system on your house can result in substantial damage to your roof. Water will begin to accumulate on the roof, causing numerous structural problems. The only solution is to divert this damaging excess water. A proper rain gutter system will ensure that water runs off of your roof without damaging it.

Preserve Your Home’s Foundation
Effective rain gutters are also essential to the preservation of your house’s foundation. Rain gutters will drain water away from your house. This drainage flows to a point on your property where it cannot harm your home. Without gutters, rainwater can collect around the foundation of your house. This can weaken the soil around it and lead to foundation settlement and cracking. These types of problems will require costly repairs that could’ve been avoided with gutters.
Prevent Exterior Water Stains

Without gutters, rainwater will be able to flow freely from your roof and down the side of your house. When this surplus of water is allowed to flow freely, it can create unsightly stains along the exterior of your home. A gutter system will help to limit the amount of water that your walls are exposed to and prevent these stains from occurring when properly installed.

The different types of

Gutter Systems

All the information you need to make the right choice!

Our Grand Rapids gutter installation contractors offer several methods to give your roofline a clean new look and color while protecting your home from water damage. Gutters are a cost-effective solution to protect your roof, preserve your home’s foundation, and prevent unsightly water stains from appearing on your residence.

Seamless Gutters
When you choose a traditional sectional gutter system, many sections of guttering are pieced together by snap-in-place connectors. Over time these sections will develop leaks in the seams and can cause wood to rot behind the guttering. Seamless gutters are the most popular type of gutter today because where there is no seam, there is no leak. The only seams are on the inside and outside corners. Each seamless gutter we install is custom-tailored to fit your specific home.
Leaf Guards
K-Guard Gutter Guards consist of two primary elements, the hood, and the gutter. A small opening between the hood and gutter enables rainwater to pass through while leaves and other debris are prevented from entering the gutters and downspouts. Water surface tension pulls the rain into the gutter while the debris falls harmlessly to the ground. This clog-free gutter protection system means that you will never have to clean out your gutters again!
Gutter Materials
The most popular gutter material we install is aluminum. Aluminum is preferred because it’s corrosion-resistant, lightweight and reasonably affordable. Aluminum gutters also come in a wide variety of colors, so they match a full assortment of home styles. Gutters can be built from copper and galvanized steel as well. These materials are slightly stronger than aluminum. However, they are heavier and more expensive. Because of the added cost and difficulty of installation, these materials are typically only used to achieve a certain style for your home.

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Why invest in leaf guards for gutters?

Save Time and Money

With a clog-free gutter guard system.

K-Guard gutter guards are especially cost-effective and beneficial. They eliminate the demand for what can be a dangerous task while increasing property value. Gutter guards come in two categories gutter covers and gutter screens. Screens are usually made of wire mesh, nylon or foam. Gutter screens are easier and cheaper to install, but normally don’t last as long. Gutter covers rest on top of your gutters, so their appearance is often more attractive. Gutter covers also restrict the water flow into your gutters because they cover the entire gutter opening. They can be manufactured out of a variety of materials, including copper, aluminum, plastic, wire mesh, nylon, and foam. Gutter guards are designed to fit on top of most gutter systems. However, with the K-Guard Gutter Guard system, the gutters themselves are entirely replaced with 5-inch gutters and a custom helmet-type cover is fastened on top. We are proud to be a K-Guard Gutter Guard System installer. K-Guard Gutter Guards are the longest-lasting, most efficient gutter guards on the market. They produce the highest level of customer satisfaction of any gutter guard product. We can assure you that the K-Guard Gutter Guard system works flawlessly to keep your gutters clog-free no matter the conditions. We understand that not every roof is the same. K-Guard gutter guards are designed to fit any roof and operate the same with any style of roof from slate or metal to traditional shingle roofing.