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How Seamless Gutters Work

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Most homeowners know traditional gutters but might not be familiar with seamless gutter systems. In Grand Rapids, seamless gutter systems can completely transform how you care for your home. Instead of 10-foot sections of gutter, that have the potential for leaks, seamless systems are devoid of this problem. These gutters typically cost more upfront than traditional options but are a better investment because they long outlast traditional gutters. One of the highlights of these types of gutters is that they don’t leak, making maintenance and care a snap.

Homeowners appreciate that they come in a variety of colors to accent their home or blend well with their exteriors. This system is perfect for homeowners who want to spend less time repairing or replacing gutters and want to prevent water damage, from traditional gutters, that might leak.

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The Seamless Gutter

Advantages of Seamless Gutters

How this system will transform your home

Read further to understand why these gutters can change the way you care for your home’s exterior forever. There are several advantages to seamless gutters, but here is a look at our favorite top three.

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Little Maintenence

The more seams you have in your gutters, the more chances you have for things like leaks, clogs, and damages. Traditional gutter seams tend to leak over time, making your home vulnerable to water damage. These seams are also responsible for collecting or trapping debris, which often leads to clogs. When you take away the seams in a gutter system, you’re taking away the most predictable problems that lead to regular cleaning and maintenance. Less maintenance means fewer days spent on top of ladders trying to reach into your gutters to clear them out. You’ll also spend less time repairing the seams with complicated solutions that will, again, lead to more days on a ladder.

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Fewer Clogs
One of the common complaints homeowners have with their gutters is how often they clog. Each seam has the potential for clogging. It doesn’t take many leaves, pine needles, or blown debris to get stuck in the seams. Once the problem starts, it turns into an endless routine of hauling your ladder around your home and climbing up it to clear the debris. Seamless gutter designs prevent debris from getting trapped. Even if things like leaves fall into them, water can often push the debris down the slick path and down to your downspouts. Clients have told us this alone is worth the investment for a seamless gutter system.
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Fewer Leaks

When you notice your gutters leaking, it typically stems from a problem with a seam. It’s hard to believe that these small sections can turn into the bain of your existence when it comes to gutter maintenance. This is made worse when seams expand and contract due to weather in our area. The cold weather will cause the material to condense, which will cause punctures and improper fitting seams. In hot weather, just the opposite happens. The material expands, allowing water to fall into the cracks of the expansion leading to leaks. When you remove the seams, you remove these common problems.

Install Seamless Gutters

Our Install Process

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We have a simple installation process that can be broken into three parts. Read more below about how to get started on this journey and what our installation process looks like.

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Connect With Us
We invite you to give us a call (or email us) to start learning more about your potential project. At that time, we will ask you a series of questions to help us learn more about your home, your design options, color options, and more. We will give you a rough idea of the cost and answer any questions about installation or our manufacturing. Once we have some of this information, we will schedule a time to visit your property to take more precise measurements. During this initial contact, we welcome you to discuss your budget and financial questions as well. We have an exceptional staff who is ready to help you with these topics.
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On-site Visit
Our on-site visit is to take accurate measurements and learn more about your home’s exterior. We will be able to look for problematic areas that might complicate your gutter system or have lead to gutter failures in the past. We will be able to help identify and repair these sorts of things with you so you can feel confident about your pending install. This is a good time to ask us about how best to care for your seamless gutters and get advice from the professionals about what to do if you have any problems. After that, we will get you a quote and schedule your installation date. It won’t be long now before you’re looking up to admire your gutters rather than climbing up to clean them.
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We bring everything we need to create your gutter system on the day of your installation. All the material and tools we use are predetermined, and our crews are exceptional installers. Seamless gutters are typically made from galvanized steel or aluminum, and we will determine what product to use prior to your installation day. One of the common questions we get is how long it takes to have this project done. This depends. Part of that is determined by how much roofline we are covering and how complicated your roofline is. Many projects only take us a day, but if your project is deemed more complicated, it could take a few days to ensure we get the job done right.

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