Top 5 Tips on

Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutter Cleaning

Have you ever sat and wondered what the most dangerous, unattractive, and downright dirty home cleaning job is? Cleaning your outdoor gutters can be a troublesome act simply from having to get up on a ladder and get on your roof! But the work that goes in to unclogging full gutters, removing debris from the body of the gutters, and ensuring the spouts are not in danger of future clogging can be difficult; however, it is a task that needs to be completed regularly and thoroughly! The best way to avoid having to get knees deep in dirt, runoff, and all of the gutter accumulate is to follow these next tips:

1. Regularly Clean Your Gutters

Upkeep is everything! As a homeowner, it is important to regularly clean your gutters and ensure water flow is never impeded. Effectively cleaning your gutters will include a ladder, a trowel scoop, and a lot of patience. If you do not feel comfortable being the one to check and clean your gutters on a regular schedule, there are companies for that!

2. Inspect Your Downspouts

Inspecting your downspouts can be a lifesaver! Clogs create serious issues for homeowners that do not realize there is a clog. The built-up pressure that occurs when gutters aren’t cleaned properly or inspected, can lead to major issues with water spilling over to the side of your home damaging foundational structures. Find your downspout and clean out any leaves or debris that have gotten stuck on their way out.

3. Perform Maintenance as Needed

This one may sound like a no brainer; however, you would be surprised. Gutters are not the home project or chore that you should say, “I’ll just do it tomorrow” because tomorrow could be too late if you haven’t already checked. Make it a habit to visually inspect your gutters every so often, especially during the leave shedding season, and look for cracks, holes, backed up areas, puddles, or any leaks that may be possibly seen. Anyone of these issues can lead to extensive problems in the future if regular maintenance is not attempted. If this seems like a hassle, there are companies who will do this for you!

4. Gutter Guards

The best-case scenario is to have a K-Guard installed for your gutter system! These guards will ensure that your entire system is protected against leaves, debris, and back up that would promote mold, critters, mildew, and pests. When debris backs up in your gutters you create little homes for wildlife and bacteria but with K-Guard you don’t have to worry! This luxury will also ensure that you do not have to constantly check on your gutter system because the K-Guard will do it for you!

5. Safety first!

If you’re not going to hire a professional company to come out and clean your gutters, please do not ever go clean gutters alone or when no one is home. Initiate the buddy system and have someone nearby to be sure they can be there to help in case of an emergency. If your home is surrounded by powerlines, call a professional.