Damages to Expect If

You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

Out of sight out of mind, right? WRONG! That is not the case with clogged gutters. When you let your gutters overfill, eventually, your out of sight will come rushing into mind because expensive damages will await you. Having a professional come clean out full gutters is equally as important as ensuring they never become dangerously overloaded because you don’t want to put yourself or another amateur in harm’s way. Here are some of the most common damages caused by forgotten, ignored, and overfilled gutters:

1. Roof Damages

The underlying materials of your roof are not made to sit in water, so when it does happy obvious damages will occur. Wood, the most popular material lying under your roofing material, will begin to rot, become weak, grow mold, and allow leaks to begin if it is left with backed-up gutters.

The roof leaking will contribute to serious leakage that will ruin walls and belongings in the home.

2. Foundation & Landscape Damages

What is the foundation? This is the part of your home that supports the entire architectural structure. When water begins to add up, the foundation will begin to leak, creating expensive and long-term damages to your home. Issues that arise from water running down the sides of your home include terrible cracks, soil damage around your foundation, and even structural failure if left untreated

Water that is sitting in your gutters or only drains on one spot on your landscape will cause major damages to the surrounding bushes, plants, and flowers. An excess of water can drown the landscape and deplete the soil of vital nutrients.

3. Perform Maintenance as Needed

Holes, leaks, and backup can lead to an infestation of different insects from your area. Because the area provided, both indoors and outdoors, provides a moist and hospitable environment for bugs of all kinds. Infestations by termites and carpenter ants are extremely common in homes who have rotting wood, which will be caused by wood sitting in water, and is perpetuated by clogged gutters.

Rodents are known to also become issues with homes that have leaks caused by uncleaned gutters because holes are easier to make on weak wood that has been wet more often than it is dry.

4. Damages to the Home

Water accumulating and spilling onto the frames of windows, doors, shutters, and more will without a doubt damage the look of your home as well as the durability. Water causing rotting, mold, and mildew growth on areas that are not meant to be excessively wet.

5. Basement Damages

If water sits and then drains into one spot due to a clogged gutter the foundation will suffer. When a basement is infiltrated by large quantities of water the damages will be catastrophic! Because your basement is the foundation of your home, any serious damages to this portion of the property will lead to damages and concerns about the well-being of the rest of your home.

The purpose of a gutter in home design is to ensure that water effectively drains from each part of the roof. Sitting water can cause expensive and long-term damages to indoor ceilings and outdoor landscapes. Leakages lead to the indoor ceiling and wall stains, wood damage, and structural damage. Remodeling your home after water damage caused by unkempt gutters can be a nightmare, so don’t wait until you notice them, get them cleaned, call a professional now.