Choose the Best

Gutter Materials for Your home

As a homeowner is can be daunting and just straight difficult to feel like you’re choosing the best design option for your home, and that includes gutters. Gutters are made for more than aesthetic purposes and need to be prepared for the harsh environment that nature can provide.

Rain gutters come in different materials, colors, and even shapes which can be a scary thought if you don’t know anything about gutters. Below are some suggestions that can help you narrow down the choices for your home.

Vinyl Gutters

As a popular choice, vinyl gutters have incredible benefits! These systems are easy to install and are incredibly resistant to rusting. One of the biggest advantage’s vinyl gutters have over other materials is the fact that they are incredibly economical, light weight, and easy to install. With proper maintenance, inspection, and professional help, vinyl gutters can b fantastic additions to your home.

Aluminum Gutters

These rust proof systems are lightweight and do not need long drawn out installation processes to ensure they last for years to come. Aluminum gutters are incredible resistant to changing weather patterns and do not rust over time. One of the biggest concerns people have with aluminum gutters is there ability to be dented if stepped on or hit in the wrong way. To counteract this, many companies have begun designing aluminum systems that are of much higher quality and sturdier than the predecessors.

Stainless Steel Gutters

Vinyl and aluminum are considered to be incredible materials because they are the most affordable option, compared to other materials; however, when it comes to strength and sturdy materials, stainless steel takes the win. These gutters are rust-resistant, strong, and resistant to damages.

Steel and Copper

As with aluminum, different varieties of steel and copper make them popular options. When it comes to falling branches, accidents, and ladders leaning against them, steel and copper will not bend or break. Maintenance is important for this material because the possibility of rust is very real, unlike the aforementioned materials.

Wood Gutters

When gutter systems first started, wood was the material of choice, but as time has passed and technology has advanced, more and more materials have surpassed this type in popularity. These gutter systems require extensive care and maintenance that should be handled by a professional regularly. If you have the hefty some to spend, want the classic wood gutter look, and don’t mind replacements when necessary, then wood is made for you.

Whether you’re looking for an installation that comes in sections or is seamless, the materials matter. If you’re concerned with maximum savings, aesthetic appeal, or true practicality, anyone one of these materials could be a beneficial addition to your home. Talk to a certified gutter installer/contractor who can lead you in the right direction in price, materials, and aesthetics! You don’t have to choose one benefit over the other, speak to a professional who can break down immediate and long-term benefits/possibilities! You really can have it all.