3 Tips To Prepare For

A New Rain Gutter Installation

Gutters are a vital part of your home, as they ensure that all excess water is moved safely away from the roof and foundation. Without properly installed gutters, a home is at an increased risk of damage to shingles, basements, and even the structural foundation. These types of issues can be costly and leave you with a large, unexpected bill. Choosing to have new rain gutters installed on your Michigan home is a great investment that helps to increase the overall value. There are a few key steps you can take prior to installation that will make the process even easier to complete. Keep reading to learn more about preparing for your new rain gutter installation.

1. Inspect For Damages

One of the first steps before the gutter installation process will be the removal of any old gutter systems, if necessary. This is typically completed by the homeowner if they are comfortable, or by the licensed gutter professionals. Once the existing gutter system is removed, it’s important to check areas such as the fascia for damage. This is also a great chance to examine the roof and look for signs of mold or rotting wood. It’s important to handle these issues prior to installation day, to be sure that your new rain gutters will last as long as possible. If your gutter system is not functioning properly, it can result in damage to the roof shingles or wood. For any damage that looks extensive, reach out to a licensed professional for assistance with repairs.

2. Make Repairs to Soffits and Fascia

Once you have removed the pre-existing gutters and identified areas of concern, it’s important to create a plan of action and complete repairs as soon as possible. Areas of your home like the soffits and fascia are vital to the overall function and protection of your roof and other important structural areas, which stresses the importance of repairs to these items. Without a gutter system in place on your home, the shingles, roof, wood, and foundation are all susceptible to the damage from excess rainwater. The longer it is between the removal of your old gutters to the installation of the new materials is a risk for your home, especially if there is inclement weather. Gutter Grand Rapids in Michigan is a great company for assisting with gutter purchase and installations.

3. Paint Prior To Installation Day

One of the last steps prior to installation day is to complete any painting on your home. It’s common for the area to have chipped paint, fading, or damaged siding where your pre-existing gutters were located. Completing any painting or siding repair prior to installation day ensures that you will be able to paint the area completely and allow it to dry before materials are placed against it. The professionals at Gutter Grand Rapids have years of experience working on Michigan homes and work meticulously to avoid any damage to the exterior of your home.

While rain gutters are often overlooked, they are an important and vital part to the function and longevity of our homes. Without gutters, excess rainwater is able to back up onto the roof and cause damage to shingles and even wood in your attic space. Rainwater is also able to seep around foundations, which can lead to expensive structural damage.

You can work to ensure the longevity of your Michigan home by choosing new rain gutters from Gutter Grand Rapids. The installation experts have years of experience and carry all of the tools necessary to complete the job efficiently. You won’t have to worry about pulling out the ladder or climbing up to second and third story areas when you have a professional company complete the job. Assessing your home for damage, completing repairs, and painting the area prior to installation day helps to make the entire process hassle-free for both you and your gutter installation professional. If you are ready to move forward and receive a free no obligation estimate, reach out to Gutter Grand Rapids today!