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Importance of Good Drainage

Having a supportive, long-lasting, and durable drainage system is critical for your home’s protection for a variety of reasons. Keeping the surrounding environment of your home dry ensures there is no mold or mildew growth, the foundation of your home remains stable, and the basement of your home remains dry. Some signs that can help you notice your gutters drainage system is not functioning properly include:

  • Drifting/Soggy Mulch
  • Soggy Soil
  • Flaking paint or bubbles on the walls around your home
  • Pooling water inside of your basement
  • Mold growth
  • Mildew smalls
  • Sitting water around your home and an increase in mosquitoes

How Can K-Guards Protect My Property?

Ordinary gutter systems are not as strong, resistant, and durable as K-Guards because they are not built to withstand changing weather conditions, debris drainage, and effectively blend into your home’s architecture. There isn’t another gutter system that is highly functional, appealing to the eye, and that provides the same type of protection for your home. Here in Muskegon, we believe in serving all of our clients with only the best and K-Guards are the best. These systems are better because:

  • They’re extremely low maintenance due to their strength, design, and all-weather polymers.
  • Made of aluminum and non-corrosive weather materials.
  • Can accommodate spouts of all sizes.
  • Blends in with home designs.
  • There is a gutter leak prevention system set in place.
  • 20 plus year lifespan.
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What We Do!

Gutters will regulate rainwater, snow, and flowing debris. Even though they are out of mind, gutters are important assets in protecting your home and the very foundation where the structure sits.

gutter installation

Having a gutter system installed in Muskegon, there is no reason why you shouldn’t call Gutter Grand Rapids. Choosing and installing a new system takes professional input, research, and knowledge. We are a reliable and experienced team you need to call.

gutter repair

Out of sight out of mind is the main reason gutter repairs are needed. Aside from severe weather impacting a gutter system, gutters can back up, clog, crack, and require extensive repairs. Call the team with experience, that is reliable, and is willing to work with your budget. Our experts here in Muskegon are quick, efficient, and affordable.

gutter replacement

Sometimes a gutter system can no longer be repaired or saved, and a complete replacement is necessary. When it’s time to replace your old system, call our team because will install a durable system that will last for years, we will be affordable, and our company is reliable. Don’t wait, call now.

gutter cleaning

Do not step on a ladder to clean your gutters. It is dangerous and unnecessary when you have a company in Muskegon that is ready, reliable, and professional. Allow us to help clean your gutters, reduce the amount of damage debris can cost, and keep the system completely flowing.

leaf guards

A leaf-free gutter system, like K-Guards, is necessary to avoid clogged systems. Install a gutter system that does not need your constant attention. Our leaf guards are durable and reliable for all drainage systems.

gutter with guards

The difference between conventional gutters and seamless ones is mainly the reduction in leaks. Seamless gutters do not have seeable sections and are one continuous system! Our team is highly skilled and trained in perfectly installing these systems. Let us help you with a better and more efficient drainage system

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Who Do We Service?

Gutters are critical components of all buildings and homes because proper drainage is important for all infrastructure, big or small. Excessive water and snow in one area can cause extreme damage and buildup of debris, which is why we install an incredible drainage system.

We provide every service needed for a successful gutter system. Drainage is important for all homes, and our professionals know this, so don’t worry because your home and its future are in good hands.

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The easiest way to keep your business from looking poorly and functioning below capacity is by having a strong drainage system. We will bring your business to another level with a proper system and gutter services.

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Gutter System Benefits

Every home and business needs a properly installed gutter system that drains consistently. There are various benefits to our professionally installed gutter systems.

Protect the Exterior
Portions of Your Homes

Water that is not properly being drained will spill and drip down your outdoor walls, window panels, doors, and garage doors. Gutters will protect the paint and design of your home by preventing consistent water exposure.

Protect the Concrete
Around Your Home

Water is the most powerful force on earth and concrete being drowned by water due to improper drainage will create cracks, weak spots, and require repairs. Strong systems redirect water away from your concrete ensuring hardscaping around your home lasts.

Prevent Water Stains

Gutters will redirect water away from your painted exterior walls and surrounding hardscaping. Having this system means water stains will not be an issue for your outdoor décor.

Prevent Siding

Constant water draining onto one spot will cause serious wearing down on one side of your home which is dangerous for your foundation.

Soil Stabilization

Diverting water away from the soil around your home the nutrients and minerals will not be cleansed from your soil. This also allows the soil to pick up water spillage on the back end if it is not overwhelmed with water.

Avoid Foundation Damage

Without proper drainage, the soil holding onto your home’s foundation becomes weak and begins to shift. Any change in the soil will negatively impact the rest of your home and its stability.

Prevent Basement Flooding

Too much water causes oversaturation for the soil which will always lead to basement flooding. Water has to go somewhere, and your basement is the perfect spot for the extra runoff.

Prevent Erosion

Prevent all erosion with a properly installed system. Protect your home and the surrounding environment.

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The K-Guard Solution here in Muskegon

Gutters are the easiest and best ways to protect the architecture of your home, the overall outside look of your home, and the foundation of any home or business. A poorly installed gutter system will allow water to leak, debris to clog it, and damages to occur regularly. Conventional gutter systems are unprotected and open to the outside world, meaning, leaves, dirt, bugs, pests, and more debris will build up in the systems and cause extensive damage.

Leaving clogged gutters to go unchecked will undoubtedly cause damage to the foundation and roof of your home. Aside from severe structural damages, water stains and soil depletion are side effects of ineffective drainage systems. Avoid rotting fascia boards, mold growth, and mildew smells by having the professionals come out! Our team in Muskegon is ready to install the gutter system that you deserve.

K-Guards are seamless installations that are not comparable to other systems because they are much more durable, longer-lasting, and much more attractive than other systems


K-Guard systems are built around hangers that are highly durable, high in strength, and are all-weather. Our hangers will support the hood and keep the gutter system from ever sagging.


Have you ever seen a gutter system whose lifespan is unlimited? K-Guards are those gutters! Professionally installed systems are made of heavy-duty materials that do not corrode and are made to withstand all weather changes here in Muskegon.


Our free-leaf guard system is over 40% larger than your average drainage systems. The benefit of a larger system is the ability of the K-Guard to remove more water much quicker from your roof and the surrounding area.


It is difficult to find a system that is not only attractive but one that can blend in with the rest of your home. K-Guards are smooth, seamless, and does not have any surprise sharp corners that aren’t appealing to the eye.

Why Us?

You are receiving the best care and installation team when you call Gutter Grand Rapids. We only provide the best and highest quality of services for your home and business. Our company and our goal over the decades have been customer care and customer service. Our services are affordable, reliable, and long-lasting. Whether it is a cleaning, a repair, a replacement, or a new installation, we are the best company to call in Muskegon.

20-years of Experience

Being in this business for so many years has given us incredible insight into the best products, installation methods, and quality.

Family Owned

We understand how important it is to work with people and not prices because we are owned and run by family and local employees. We care about our clients and their well-being.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Everything we install, repair, and clean we believe in. We will stand behind anything we do because it is always done with customer satisfaction in mind, always.

Strong Warranty

Our family-owned business is meant to protect you from start to finish and beyond. If something goes wrong, our provided warranty is there to take care of you and give us a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got those questions, we’ve got more answers! From the answers, you’re looking for below or call our team for more.

What are the reasons for me to replace my gutters?

Leaks are the main issue that many people tend to ignore because they’re only visible after it rains. Letting cracks and leaks grow is bad for your home and the surrounding environment so if you notice standing water, leaks, or mold growth have them replaced. Old gutters should be inspected and possibly replaced and/or gutters that are simply not draining properly.

Are all gutters the same?

There are different types of gutters because they differ between sectional or seamless, materials, sizes, and colors.

How can I tell if my gutters aren’t draining properly without getting on a ladder to check?

When it rains listen for excessive splashing water on the sides of your home, look for peeling paint, or corroded wood in places. Mold and standing puddles can also be clear indicators of a clog or drainage system issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

How many times a year should I clean my gutters?

Cleaning your gutters is not simply to ensure that critters, clogged areas, pests, and debris don’t hide in your system! Cleaning your system is important for fire safety reasons, foundation safety, and flooding safety. It is important to clean your gutters at least two times a year to remove any build-up and check for small damages that can grow and lead to serious damages. If your gutters are close to a lot of nature, then cleaning sessions may need to be much more frequent. Call the professionals to clean your gutters because it can be and is a dangerous task for home and business owners.