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K-Guard gutters are important for a healthy system

Affordable, Reliable, Long-lasting

K-Guards are the most cost-effective way to ensure your roof and the surrounding environment of your home stay functional for years to come. For more information, give our professionals a call.

What is a K-Guard gutter system?

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Gutters are meant to protect your home in many more ways than most people ever realize. The water damage that occurs from a poorly working gutter system does much more than just make the soil around your home turn into mud, it damages the foundation of the home, erodes concrete in the surrounding areas, and the potential for roof leaks increases dramatically.

So, what is it? K-Guard Gutter Guard System is fit onto the top of your gutters to protect the system from leaves and debris clogging up the gutters. K-Guard gutters are the best because they’re made out of the best materials, they are incredibly long-lasting, and their ability to keep your gutters clog-free means your roof and your foundation stay intact. All around, the system saves you and your bank account a lot of money.

Benefits of K-Guard Gutters

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It is easy! That is the best part. Our professionals come in, install the K-Guard, and the days move on. There aren’t weekly cleans that need to take place and there aren’t constant back-ups that needed to be unclogged.

The K-Guard Gutter Guards are an incredible example of innovation and the benefits of advancement in technology. It is incredible to witness, firsthand, the strength and capacity of protection these K-Guards have offered our clients and their homes. Not only do these guards keep you structurally safe but they ensure that you and your family members don’t have the urge to climb a latter to check on the system! Keeping everyone, who isn’t the professional, off of the roof.

The benefits that come with our K-Guard installations will outweigh any hesitation you could have:

  • K- Guard will protect your home: When it comes to changing the seasons there isn’t another safety net you will want or need! K-Guard is materially prepared for changing weather and temperatures. Weather conditions in Grand Rapids change over a year and you need materials that are made to withstand change, not just for one season. This system provides full protection from leaves, pine, pollen, and all other conditions created by the changing seasons. Protect your roof, your foundation, and keep your family safe.
  • K-Guard is Durable: How can a gutter system be described as durable? The K-Gutter systems are made of heavy-duty aluminum that is strong enough to withstand common and uncommon circumstances. The strong system can last for decades because of the amazing materials it is constructed out of. Protect your home with a professionally installed K-Guard and you won’t regret it.
  • Capacity: Our installations allow for much more water drainage than other common, much smaller, systems. Our installments will easily flush out any debris or remnants from previous gutter systems.
  • Attractiveness: this K-Guard adds a level of detail most people never consider, they are rounded at the corners making them subtly much more appealing to the eye. If you’re trying to improve the outlook of your home or even trying to sell the property, apart from its functionality, K-Guards add a level of beauty that many homeowners just don’t have.

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Why K-Guard?

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Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to install a system that will enhance your quality of life and aid in your safety. K-Guard Gutter Guards are incredible for more reasons than one. Call now to get started.

Concluded by the experts, many from design perspectives and many others have concluded that the K-Guard is the best option for homes because it eliminates the need for roof chores! This can be a dangerous task when it is not performed by a professional. K-Guard Gutter Guards are made from materials that give them a lifespan of at least 20-years, they prevent clogging of the gutter system, and protect your home from more expensive damages.

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