what is it?

It would be a shocking realization to most people to know that over 500,000 Orthopedic cases come from people who were attempting to get on their roof for some reason. Ladders are not as easy to handle or as predictable as we like to think and getting up to the roof to clean gutters regularly should be taken very seriously.

We tend to have unprecedented false senses of security when it comes to ladders when in actuality the outcome can be fatal. Injuries range from spinal damages to deep bruising. As we get older it is even more important to put the ladder away and have a professional gutter system in place that can keep you off a ladder.

How will your K-Guard Prevent such accidents?

The K-Guard system eliminates the need for you to ever get on a ladder again! The system is installed to the fascia board of your roof and it will allow rainwater, and nothing more, to pass through the gutter system.

It is incredible to think that a simple guard can decrease the need for such a dangerous and unneeded course of action. You do not have to worry about clogging or water backing up into your system because the guard does not allow anything else to pass no matter how tempting it could be!

Why K-Guard over other systems of the sort?

  1. K-guard provides users with a 5-inch-wide leaf-free system that cannot be found anywhere else. The system is larger and much more resistant against temperature and weather changes.
  2. The K-Guard system does not damage your roof like other systems can! Most of the other systems would attach just below the roof shingles putting your roof at risk for damages that would not be insured. That is why K-Guard was designed to attach to the fascia of your home and prevent any possibility of damage.
  3. One the K-Guard has been professionally installed there is very little need for any further assistance! If there ever is an issue a professional team can come out and assist you in any way. The system is made to prevent water build-up around the foundation of your home and reduce any damages to your roof that could be caused by other systems.
  4. Maintenance is old news! If a properly installed K-Guard is what you have then do not worry about doing your part. Out of sight and out of mind is made very real with properly installed K-Guard.
  5. Water will not damage your roof again! The water that accumulates on your roof is not possible with K-Guard because the system is designed to flawlessly maneuver water to the quickest exit sight.
  6. K-Guards are visually and aesthetically attractive. Their complementary shape can aid in the way your home’s infostructure is accepted and viewed.

In the end, K-Guard allows homeowners the safety and comfort of knowing their home is in good hands day and night. K-Guard was designed to withstand all temperatures and situations, including ice and snow, so once the system is installed, relax and enjoy a ladder-injury free life.