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12 11/12/20

Damages to Expect If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters


Damages to Expect If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters Out of sight out of mind, right? WRONG! That is not the case with clogged gutters. When you let your gutters overfill, eventually, your out of sight will come rushing into mind because expensive damages will await you. Having a professional come clean out full gutters is equally as important as ensuring they never become dangerously overloaded because you don’t want to put yourself or another amateur in harm’s way. Here are some of the most common damages caused by forgotten, ignored, and overfilled gutters: 1. Roof Damages The underlying materials of your roof are not made to sit in water, so when it does happy obvious damages will occur. Wood, the most popular [...]

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4 10/04/20

Avoid Making These Gutter Installation Mistakes


Avoid Making These Gutter Installation Mistakes Are you considering a new gutter project soon and are wondering how to make it a less painful process? We can relate. Gutter installation is a little tricky, and that is made worse by the fact that it can be rather dangerous if you're not planning ahead of the project. As professional installers, we thought we would take a moment and go over some of the most common mistakes we see in gutter installation. We share these mistakes, so you're not struggling with the same problems, which can cost you down the road. Watch Your Pitch - What seems like an even application from end to end is deceiving. You will want to make sure there [...]

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24 08/24/20

6 Ways to Save Your Home Gutters From Replacement


6 Ways to Save Your Home Gutters From Replacement Gutters are a necessary item to have on our homes, but unfortunately, they need attention from time to time to keep them in good shape. We already know how much you love cleaning your gutters (insert sarcasm here), but what is equally annoying is having to repair them. Gutter projects don't always result in complete replacement, which means you can actually tackle the fixes yourself. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common gutter problems. Then, we are going to arm you with the best fixes for those problems so you can get on with your life. If you're consistently finding flaws in your gutters from either age or weather wear and [...]

6 Ways to Save Your Home Gutters From Replacement2020-08-28T04:31:53+00:00
5 06/05/20

Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tools


Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tools Have you ever found yourself standing on a ladder over your gutters and wondered, "There has to be a better way to do this?" After decades of homeowners risking life and limb to clean their gutters, many have turned to professionals for the job. Other homeowners have built contraptions to try and get them clean. No matter how you have tried to clean your gutters in the past, the bottom line, it's a pain no matter how you slice it. Luckily, we are seeing more ways to do this safely without the task ending with a hospital visit. We are going to take you through some of the best ways to clean your gutters, some tools that can make the [...]

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13 05/13/20

Replace or Repair: know your gutters


When Should You Replace or Repair? One of the best ways to avoid replacement is to repair early, whenever possible. If we let issues build with our gutters, we risk having to completely replace a system or risk having the repair be less effective than a complete replacement. Being vigilant about checking up on your system is the best way to avoid expensive damages or repairs; however, sometimes life happens, and the only question left is, repair or replace? Here are some signs that can help you make an important decision: Replacement Water Leaking into Your Home: gutters are supposed to help drain rainwater away from the foundation of your home so issues, like water in your basement, don’t become issues. This [...]

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11 05/11/20

Best gutter materials


Choose the Best Gutter Materials for Your home As a homeowner is can be daunting and just straight difficult to feel like you’re choosing the best design option for your home, and that includes gutters. Gutters are made for more than aesthetic purposes and need to be prepared for the harsh environment that nature can provide. Rain gutters come in different materials, colors, and even shapes which can be a scary thought if you don’t know anything about gutters. Below are some suggestions that can help you narrow down the choices for your home. Vinyl Gutters As a popular choice, vinyl gutters have incredible benefits! These systems are easy to install and are incredibly resistant to rusting. One of the biggest advantage’s [...]

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7 05/07/20

How does a K-guard system work


K-Guard, what is it? It would be a shocking realization to most people to know that over 500,000 Orthopedic cases come from people who were attempting to get on their roof for some reason. Ladders are not as easy to handle or as predictable as we like to think and getting up to the roof to clean gutters regularly should be taken very seriously. We tend to have unprecedented false senses of security when it comes to ladders when in actuality the outcome can be fatal. Injuries range from spinal damages to deep bruising. As we get older it is even more important to put the ladder away and have a professional gutter system in place that can keep you off a ladder. [...]

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3 05/03/20

How to clean your gutter


Top 5 Tips on Cleaning Your Gutters Have you ever sat and wondered what the most dangerous, unattractive, and downright dirty home cleaning job is? Cleaning your outdoor gutters can be a troublesome act simply from having to get up on a ladder and get on your roof! But the work that goes in to unclogging full gutters, removing debris from the body of the gutters, and ensuring the spouts are not in danger of future clogging can be difficult; however, it is a task that needs to be completed regularly and thoroughly! The best way to avoid having to get knees deep in dirt, runoff, and all of the gutter accumulate is to follow these next tips: 1. Regularly Clean Your Gutters [...]

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22 04/22/20

Are gutter guards worth it


Are K-Guard Gutters Worth It? Ask yourself a few questions before wondering if a new system is worth it: Is my system consistently doing its job? Have I had to pay for repairs or frequent maintenance? Am I willing to let a professional come whenever something appears to be wrong with my gutters? Are there leaves, critters, or debris living in my gutters because of the backup? Is there consistent sitting water around the foundation of my home? If any of these questions apply to you then K-Guard Gutters are definitely worth it for you! Technology is much more than just the latest phone development, the newest headphones, or the coolest laptops! In a more traditional sense, technological advances have led to a gutter [...]

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