Are K-Guard

Gutters Worth It?

Ask yourself a few questions before wondering if a new system is worth it:

  1. Is my system consistently doing its job?
  2. Have I had to pay for repairs or frequent maintenance?
  3. Am I willing to let a professional come whenever something appears to be wrong with my gutters?
  4. Are there leaves, critters, or debris living in my gutters because of the backup?
  5. Is there consistent sitting water around the foundation of my home?

If any of these questions apply to you then K-Guard Gutters are definitely worth it for you!

Technology is much more than just the latest phone development, the newest headphones, or the coolest laptops! In a more traditional sense, technological advances have led to a gutter system that provides endless protection for your gutters and your home. Open top gutters are much more likely to lead to expensive damages and much more frequent repairs because they clog, rot the fascia boards, and seriously damage the foundation of many homes. To add to this already tumultuous situation, many homeowners put themselves at risk by attempting to fix situations without a professional’s present.

A good leaf system should drain water, debris, and more away from your property. K-Guard provides a system that is never clogged or damaged by the very things it should be clearing.

The Best System and Benefits

Inspecting your downspouts can be a lifesaver! Clogs create serious issues for homeowners that do not realize there is a clog. The built-up pressure that occurs when gutters aren’t cleaned properly or inspected, can lead to major issues with water spilling over to the side of your home damaging foundational structures. Find your downspout and clean out any leaves or debris that have gotten stuck on their way out.

K-Guard is the best system on the market because of its ability to last for decades, its ability to keep debris out of the gutter, and its ability to remove water far from the foundation of the home.

K-Guard Benefits include but have certainly never been limited to:

  • They’re LARGE. The 5-inch gutters are much larger and roomier than traditional gutters, making any debris that could sneak into the system impossible to cause a backup. Your system will be flushing out debris no matter what.
  • Everything you need. K-Guard is not simply a fancy cover for your gutter system! The K-Guard installation is its own incredibly engineered gutter system that works together to optimize its ability to flush out remnants of water and debris.
  • Protect your roof. Unlike all of the other gutter systems on the market, K-Guard provides a system that does not attach directly to your roof shingles; however, K-Guard will attach to fascia boards, which means your roof will not be put in any risk.
  • No need to clean. The typical open-top gutters allow debris of all shapes and sizes to enter the gutter system creating a regular issue of backing up! Not with K-Guard, maintenance is not necessary because the upkeep is nonexistent.
  • CUSTOM just for YOU. Many products on the market are designed as if one size fits all but not with K-Guard. This gutter system is unique and is specifically designed to fit and to aid in aesthetic and function to your home. With different colors and varying designs, K-Guard can add a level of design you never knew you wanted!
  • Durable and Reliable. K-Guard systems are made out of non-corrodible materials that are heavy-performing aluminum. The K-Guard system is made to withstand changes in weather and conditions. The system is designed to never droop, rust, or crack.

Are K-Guard Gutter systems worth it? Yes, they are completely worth it.